Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hospice patient gives thanks

The 61-year-old Orlando hospice patient who was arrested for failing to pay an old fine, thanks the community for its help.

A Go Fund Me account established by a resident raised more than $1,200 to pay Larry Thompson’s fines. Nearly three dozen people contributed to the account.

Mr. Thompson suffers from a terminal pulmonary condition and lives on a limited income. He was arrested for failing to pay court fees associated with a 2010 charge of driving on a revoked license.

We’re appreciative that so many people contributed money to help Mr. Thompson. 

What happened to Mr. Thompson is one example of the thousands of low-value arrests of homeless and destitute people who can't afford to pay fines but pose no danger to public safety. Arresting them wastes police and jail resources.

Orlando Sentinel Editorial

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